5 reasons to move to cloud managed wireless services

5 reasons to move to cloud managed wireless services

Effective management of wireless networks can make a big difference to productivity, performance and workforce satisfaction. It also represents one of the biggest challenges that many businesses face, especially those without significant IT resources. The option of cloud management provides a range of operational and cost advantages that make the process simpler for any organisation.

Why move to cloud managed wireless services?


Cloud managed wireless services are available on a subscription model, which provides for a single monthly payment that is predictable and easy to manage. Ongoing maintenance costs are parceled up into monthly payments and fall to the service provider to cover, as opposed to the business. Thanks to the simplicity of setting up and integrating cloud services, there is no significant up front expenditure to factor in either. So, the initial cost of deployment is far lower than for an on premise setup.


One of the major advantages of using cloud services for anything is the flexibility that exists when it comes to scaling those services. As the organisation grows the wireless services available can be scaled up, with controllers and access points for new locations added as and when required. If need decreases then it’s just as simple to scale services down. The flexible nature of cloud managed wireless services means that they are as useful to a large multinational business as to a small enterprise with a single location.


Cloud management centralises everything related to wireless services, from troubleshooting through to provisioning and configuration. This single interfaces provides complete perspective across all wireless services being used and enables remote actions to be taken (such as monitoring), as well as access to key data.


There are two important ways in which cloud managed wireless services often represent a security upgrade for businesses investing in wireless networks. The first is that cloud services providers are on the cutting edge of the latest protections and can often provide significantly more security than an individual business could. The second is when it comes to monitoring for issues. Security breaches can go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months where there isn’t sufficient monitoring in place but when that breach happens via an access point that is being managed in the cloud early action is a given.


The volume and quality of data available about wireless services is greatly increased when these are managed via the cloud. Analytics and reporting can provide insights into a range of critical situations, including customer feedback or security incidents that may have taken place. This crucial data provides essential perspective on performance and how wireless services can be better tailored to support business objectives.

These are just some of the reasons why cloud managed wireless services make perfect sense for any business. If you’d like to find out more about the potential advantages, get in touch with our expert team today.

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