What benefits could VoIP telephony bring to your business?

What benefits could VoIP telephony bring to your business?

The key difference to note with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is that this type of technology is internet based. Rather than using a conventional or analogue phone system to enable communication between people, a broadband internet connection is required. VoIP is a natural evolution of the phone network and is increasingly popular with businesses looking to improve communications because it has a number of key benefits.

How does it work?

VoIP is fairly simple technology that converts sound into digital voice communication. This is then packaged up and sent via an internet connection.

The benefits of VoIP for your business:

Enabling more agile business models

When you’re using VoIP then you have a much more flexible form of communication that you can essentially take anywhere in the world with you. All that is required to have access to the VoIP system is an internet connection. As long as the connection is there then calls can be made. This makes VoIP a fantastic option for business travelers, as well as for those organisations looking to operate under a more agile business model. In the age of flexible working and telecommuting that we are in, the opportunity to enable flexible communications but to keep control of costs in a predictable way is enormously appealing, particularly to smaller enterprises.

Reducing the cost of communication

The digital world has been a game changer when it comes to cutting the cost of many business functions that have traditionally generated a considerable financial burden. VoIP is no different. Working with VoIP instead of conventional phone systems can considerably cut the cost of phone calls for any business. Calls are generally cheaper than conventional phone systems and the costs much more predictable and easier to budget for and control. For those organisations regularly making overseas calls there are also considerable savings to be made by switching to VoIP, as compared to a traditional phone system.

Simplicity of use

You’ll get your own contact number with VoIP, which you take with you wherever you go. So, no matter where in the world you are, as long as there is an internet broadband connection then you’ll be able to receive calls to that same number. Getting set up with VoIP is easy and uncomplicated too. A VoIP converter or VoIP telephone adapter – which looks a lot like a USB stick – is used to sense the signals that are coming from a conventional analogue phone and to then convert them and send them via the internet. So, there is no need for a complete system overhaul or lots of new kit, as existing equipment can simply be converted.

Supporting modern business

VoIP is evolving to suit the needs of modern business communications. So, for example, a video conferencing option is also available so that your organisation can take advantage of all the benefits of face–to-face communication via digital means.

If you’d like to find out how VoIP could support your business in cutting costs and making systems more efficient, contact us for more information.

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