What benefits are there to using GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions?

What benefits are there to using GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions?

Wireless technology has changed the way that we live and work, improving speed and access and enabling flexibility and mobility. For many businesses now wireless solutions are an obvious first choice and a better alternative to wired services, which can be inflexible and are often expensive when it comes to coping with business change. If you’re considering wireless for your organisation, GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions provide a range of options that score highly when it comes to performance, as well as other essential factors such as security and cost.

GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions

GeoDesy is a leading light in the wireless industry, with more than 15 years experience in creating wireless options in a range of affordable solutions. GeoDesy products provide reliable availability and ultra secure connections that use the narrow beams of light of a laser to ensure more efficiency and data security. At Suna Communications, we supply and install the complete 1000MB range of products from GeoDesy. These fifth generation compact free space laser based systems are the idea choice for reliable high speed wireless connectivity.

The benefits to using GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions


GeoDesy systems are designed for efficiency and effectiveness – a combination of the concentrated laser beam and a unique modulation technique ensures error free data transfer over a distance up to 3,500 metres.

Cost effective solutions

If you’re looking for cutting edge, operationally efficient high speed wireless connectivity but you’re keen to find a value based solution GeoDesy is the ideal choice. These systems are designed not only to be highly effective but friendly to budgets too.


GeoDesy has designed its wireless solutions with integration in mind – transparent and wire speed data transfer together with virtually zero latency ensure that this is possible virtually anywhere. Plus, the use of infrared light means that GEODESY-FSO systems do not require frequency licenses.


Using infrared light in GeoDesy Laser Links wireless solutions also means that transmission is not affected by electro-magnetic interference, improving overall performance. Plus, the fact that a concentrated laser beam is used makes the system more secure, as it is very difficult to tap – or even to discover in the first place.

The benefits of wireless solutions

For any business, wireless often offers a much more attractive range of benefits than wired network options. Wireless solutions are much more flexible and scalable, growing with the needs of the business, and accommodating more agile and mobile working practices. Wireless networks tend to be more cost effective than wired networks and can help to improve productivity by opening up access to employees on the move. Solutions such as GeoDesy Laser Links also offer exceptional levels of security and built-in automatic failover.

We offer GeoDesy laser link networking services throughout Surrey, London, Kent, Hertfordshire, Hampshire and the South East. If you’d like to find out more about this exciting wireless solution, contact a member of our expert team to chat about your requirements.

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