Why should you consider a Wireless Survey for your business?

Why should you consider a Wireless Survey for your business?

Like any other business asset, if you’re investing in a wireless network for your company then you want to ensure that you’re getting the best possible service for your cash. Wireless that is constantly interrupted, or which has a poor signal strength, is not only going to be difficult to work with but will also be a waste of resources. A wireless survey is probably the only way to ensure that your wireless network is designed and installed in a way that makes the most of the wireless service available given the space that you’re working with.

Why is a wireless survey important?

The importance of a wireless survey lies in its ability to deliver insights into the way that a wireless network is performing – or will perform. It’s an essential step if you’re about to install a wireless network and, in particular, for setups where coverage is over a wide area. A wireless survey is designed to enable a business to identify optimal wireless coverage and performance with minimal use of equipment. It is a cost saving measure that will also ensure that you’re getting the most from your wireless network in the long term.

What does a wireless survey do?

Crucially, it will provide an analysis of the space in which you’re looking to install the wireless network. This will include identifying locations where there could be interference with the wireless signal, areas where the signal is likely to be low, as well as those parts of the space where only dead signal will be received (i.e. no signal). There are many different parts of a business and its surrounding areas that can cause interference and disruption to a wireless signal. Radio sources and physical structures, even furniture and people can have a disruptive influence and this is often difficult to identify as the cause of a problem (or potential problem) if a wireless survey has not been carried out.

How does a wireless survey help?

Positioning of access points

Many businesses deploy wireless access points at random with little awareness of the importance of investigating each location. The result is often frequent interference, staff complaining about being unable to use the wireless service and interrupted workflows. A wireless survey can help to avoid the situation where access points have been placed without insight – instead it will identify where to position access points to avoid interference and also where is best to avoid overlap coverage from other access points.

Identifying issues

If there is a problem with wireless coverage then that’s often obvious. What’s not so easy is getting to the bottom of the source of that problem in order to fix the situation. A wireless survey makes this simple as all the potential sources of disruption are identified.

The way a wireless network performs will depend significantly on where it has been installed and the technological and environmental influences all around. At Suna, we provide fixed price support services to ensure your wireless network is correctly specified to ensure it is secure and meets the operational needs of your environment. Contact us to find out more.

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