Benefits of Cisco WiFi For Your Business

Benefits of Cisco WiFi For Your Business

A good WiFi network is crucial to business operations today. Not only should it excel in terms of functionality but it’s also important to have reliability with respect to security and flexibility too. Cisco WiFi has been specifically designed for business environments where there is network reliance and a strong need for performance combined with data protection. Whether you’re looking to minimise downtime, or seeking out new opportunities to enable the business to be more productive, Cisco WiFi could prove to be an essential tool.

Innovation and user experience

Cisco Digital Network Architecture integrates cutting edge innovation to optimise user experience and ensure that everyone in the business has their network needs met. Trouble shooting options are faster and more effective and there are many more opportunities to personalise the experience that each user has with the WiFi network.

Flexible networking

Cisco’s access points and wireless LAN controllers deliver a network that is flexible as well as efficient, whether you’re looking to establish this on your business premises or in the cloud. It’s easy to add to or reconfigure to take into account the need for versatility when it comes to business change. This flexibility extends to cost too – it’s simpler to modify or extend Cisco WiFi than non-wireless systems where there is more equipment and cabling involved.

Advanced security

From threat detection through to advanced protection against the myriad of risks that exist for any business network, Cisco WiFi is an advanced option when it comes to security. This high level security is available to any size organisation and can be extended to provide secure network access for guests and visitors, as well as employees and staff. The peace of mind that comes from knowing security is high quality is hard to beat.

Supporting more agile workspaces

Whether your business is using hot desking, or you’re keen for employees to be able to move around the building while they work, Cisco WiFi enables greater mobility for agile businesses. Everyone in the building has access to a fast and secure network without the threat of lost connections or people moving out of signal range placing restrictions on the locations where employees can do their jobs.

All documents and applications are easily accessible from around the building, including key communications tools such as voice calling or video conferencing. Better collaboration is supported and productivity can be improved too.

Reliable access

When you invest in a wireless network for your business it’s crucial that the network delivers when it comes to performance. Cisco WiFi performance is reliable and can be structured to ensure that even the hardest to reach areas of a building are well connected. Downtime is minimised, access is always open and there is support available, as and when required.

These are just some of the benefits of Cisco WiFi for your business. From enjoying improved service through to supporting different working styles, this is a wireless network that has been built to enable businesses to thrive.

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