Could you benefit from a WiFi site survey?

Could you benefit from a WiFi site survey?

IT infrastructure has become crucial to modern business and an on-site wireless network is an important part of this. Regularly assessing and analysing the systems in use to monitor for issues and measure performance is crucial to ensuring that resources are being effectively used and security is as tight as it can be. This is where a WiFi site survey can be an invaluable tool – it provides perspective on use and a health check to ensure that there are no long-term issues with wireless signal or network.

When do you need a site survey?

There are multiple stages at which a WiFi site survey might come in useful, including during  planning and design of the installation of a wireless network. However, it’s often post network deployment that a WiFi site survey can deliver the most value to a business – at the stage when the network has already been installed. This type of WiFi site survey is called a post-deployment survey (or fault-finding survey). It’s not necessary to use the same provider that installed the network to carry out the survey.

Why might you need a WiFi site survey?

Many organisations choose to carry out a WiFi site survey on a regular basis as part of an investment in IT maintenance. However, you may also want to consider it if you’re currently experiencing specific issues. The network may be causing problems with voice-over WiFi (VoWiFi) or video calls, or there could be dead spots or throughput issues – all of these are indications that a WiFi site survey might be beneficial.

What are the benefits of a WiFi site survey?

Optimising WiFi coverage. Investing in a WiFi site survey will enable you to identity any potential sources of interference that might be preventing your WiFi network from operating at optimum levels and providing the best possible coverage. The survey will also identify any physical obstacles to coverage that could be specific to the site so that these can be removed.

Checking suitability. Part of the survey includes checking the internet connection currently being used – this can have a big impact on whether the WiFi network is functioning as well as it could but is often overlooked by businesses when looking for solutions to WiFi issues.

Problem solving. Fault-finding WiFi surveys are a way to quality check the WiFi network that your business is currently relying on. It can also be useful in finding solutions to any issues that may already have arisen, as well as the origin of the problem.

A regular health check. Carrying out a WiFi site survey at regular intervals provides a simple and fast way to ensure that you have perspective over the WiFi network that you’re using. You’ll be able to ensure that it’s functioning at optimal levels on a day to day basis and also prevent any long-term issues with the wireless signal or network.

WiFi site survey is a very simple process – our engineers will visit your site and use specialised equipment to make sure your network is functioning as it’s supposed to. If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch with Suna Communication today.

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