Carry on the year with a stronger WiFi solution by taking a wireless site survey

Carry on the year with a stronger WiFi solution by taking a wireless site survey

Given the dependence that many businesses today have on their WiFi networks, it’s often surprising to note the lack of care when it comes to installation. WiFi performs best when its signal is uninterrupted but there are many factors that can have an influence over how strong the signal is. If you have experienced issues with your WiFi then now might be the ideal time to take a wireless site survey – it’s the only way to go into the new year ensuring that your WiFi solution will be strong.

Why invest in a wireless site survey?

wireless site survey will help to establish coverage across a desired area and identify any potential issues that could affect your service. There are a number of benefits to taking a wireless site survey, including:

Identifying specific problems

Every building will present its own individual set of issues when it comes to WiFi so an individual site survey is essential. This will identify all the potential problem areas and anything that may cause interference, from too-thick walls to the presence of metal or electrical equipment. Once you have a clear idea of where the potential problems are it’s easy to design a network that will perform well in spite of them.

Avoiding guesswork to improve productivity

Guessing at the number of Access Points that might be required and where they should be positioned isn’t going to deliver an effective outcome. Often, WiFi solutions that haven’t been informed by a wireless site survey are constantly interrupted, impacting on workplace productivity and morale. With a wireless site survey it’s possible to accurately identify where to place Access Points to avoid poor signal and dead spots. The result is a consistent level of signal that supports productivity and means you’re not wasting money on a service that doesn’t deliver.

Strong signal strength for safety

Ensuring that you have comprehensive coverage could help save lives one day. If there is an emergency then a strong WiFi solution can ensure communication with everyone on site and also help the emergency services to make contact.

The importance of security

A wireless site survey has a key role to play in ensuring the security of your WiFi network. For example, it will enable the business to identify the most secure physical location for Access points so that there is no possibility that they will be interfered with. This provides a secure foundation for any network – no matter how much digital security you invest in, without this basic planning the entire network could be exposed.

For any business in any location a wireless site survey is an essential part of a strong WiFi solution that will support the business and its activities. If you want to ensure that 2019 is a more productive year for the business, and you’re keen to improve security, then the insights a site survey provides will be essential.

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