Why you should consider buying company laptops for your employees to use

Why you should consider buying company laptops for your employees to use

Giving laptops to your employees can help to facilitate more flexible and agile working and also provide a boost to productivity. Employees with laptops can work on the move, a well as outside of regular office hours and from other locations, such as home. However, is this investment of resources really worth it?

Seven good reasons to consider buying laptops for your employees

1. Security

If your employees are working from the company’s laptops, security risks to the data they are working with are much lower. With a company laptop the business can ensure that firewalls and antivirus protections are up to date and network access can be properly managed. The alternative – employees accessing company data via their own computers or devices – can open the business up to a wide range of security risks.

2. Productivity

When you equip your team with their own laptops they have everything they need to meet set goals and objectives. Productivity is improved thanks to employees having access to tech resources and efficiency is increased by standardising the devices and operating systems used across the business.

3. Performance

One of the major obstacles employees often raise to working from home is the poor performance of their own devices or machines. Deadlines may be missed or work carried out incorrectly simply because employees have old machines at home or are working with out of date software. Buying laptops for employees can set a benchmark in terms of the resources that everyone has access to and ensure that performance doesn’t dip even when people are working remotely.

4. Ongoing usefulness

When employees leave they simply return their laptops to the IT department. There is no need to ask anyone to do a digital purge of company files they may have at home and no risk to business data and systems once the laptop is returned. Plus, laptops can easily be set up for the next employee to use so the initial investment has significant ongoing usefulness.

5. IT support

It’s much easier for the IT team to provide support to all your employees, wherever they are working from, if everyone is using the same systems and setup. Buying laptops for employees ensures that your IT team doesn’t have to waste time trying to find fixes and solutions for multiple different operating systems and pieces of software.

6. Improving business agility

Every organisation today wants to move towards a more flexible and agile approach. However, for some business types this can be more beneficial than others. Buying laptops for your employees if you’re in sales, you’re a startup or your employees are often on the move, for example, can provide consistency and quality of resources across the board.

7. You don’t need to invest in top of the range

Functionality is the key factor to focus on – what do your employees need the laptop to do in order to be more productive? It won’t be necessary to pay for the latest high end models to achieve this.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to buy laptops for your employees. We can help you to find the right models for your workforce – contact us to find out more.

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