Why you need to install ampetronic hearing loops to cater to everyone at your venue

Why you need to install ampetronic hearing loops to cater to everyone at your venue

One in seven people has a hearing disability. That’s a fairly substantial percentage of potential visitors to your venue who may not be able to enjoy the full experience without ampetronic hearing loops in place. The ageing nature of the population means that this number is set to increase and, depending on what type of audience you’re looking to attract, you could be dealing with significant numbers of people at your venue with hearing problems. The only real solution to this is to install ampetronic hearing loops – here’s why.

You can’t just turn up the volume…

In fact, doing that could make the experience worse for everyone, especially those coming to your venue with hearing problems. Ampetronic hearing loops work differently – they transmit an audio signal directly into a hearing aid via a magnetic field. The advantage of this is that the message is being clearly delivered directly to the device of the person with the hearing disability. As other sounds, reverberation and background noise are all reduced, greater clarity of sound is achieved.

Legislative compliance now requires it…

In many countries now there are legal requirements to ensure that experiences are made available to anyone, regardless of who they are and any disabilities that they may have. A venue that does not make it possible for those with hearing disabilities to enjoy the full experience could become the subject of a discrimination claim, for example. The legislative focus is increasingly on making society more accessible and fairer for those with disabilities and there can be severe penalties for businesses and organisations that don’t comply.

The hard-of-hearing community is increasingly aware of its rights…

Most people who suffer from a hearing disability know what solutions are available to venues and businesses to make their lives easier. There is an expectation now that organisations will make use of these solutions, not just to ensure legal compliance but also to attract individuals from the hard-of-hearing community, which increases in size by the year. People who have hearing disabilities are much more proactive in encouraging organisations to install technology such as ampetronic hearing loops and far more responsive to those that do.

A simple way to build customer loyalty

Without ampetronic hearing loops many venues will be excluding certain customers and this does not create good feeling. While those with hearing disabilities understand that there is a legal requirement to accommodate their needs, installing ampetronic hearing loops is also a great way to build customer loyalty with this consumer base. A proactive approach to making your venue more accessible to anyone, no matter what their disability, is something that contributes to a positive reputation and can help to attract more customers from across all ages, abilities and demographics.

Ampetronic hearing loops are increasingly becoming essential for venues, not just to ensure legal compliance but also when it comes to accommodating key customers. If you’d like to find out more about the advantages for your business get in touch with Suna Communication today on 0208 390 8811.

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