Why is it important to have CCTV at your business premises?

Why is it important to have CCTV at your business premises?

CCTV has a lot of advantages for any business of any size. Whether you’re looking for a way to improve security or your premises are located in an area where a deterrent is essential, it’s a great investment for any enterprise. In fact, many consider it essential. If you’re not 100% sure whether to have CCTV at your business premises then these are some good reasons to do so.

Helping the police/evidence for crimes

If something does happen on your premises, or in the immediate surrounding area, you’ll be able to support local law enforcement and provide a clear record of anything that has taken place.

Reinforcing positive behaviours

Surveillance systems tend to have a positive effect on staff, encouraging them to be on their best behaviour at all times, especially with customers. Staff are much less likely to try to bend the limits of their roles when they know that surveillance is there.

A deterrent

There is no doubt that CCTV has a big role to play in prevention of crime and acting as a deterrent. The presence of CCTV cameras tend to be off-putting to those who might be looking for the chance to commit opportunistic crimes – seeing CCTV cameras will usually make it clear that there is no opportunity to commit a crime on your premises that won’t result in consequences.

Helping to reduce the cost of crime

If a crime takes place on your premises, whether that’s theft, vandalism or arson, it can be incredibly costly for the business. CCTV provides a business owner with a full perspective on the entire premises in real time, making it much simpler to reduce overall costs by minimising the potential for crimes to take place and limiting their impact if something does happen.

Bringing down insurance premiums

If you’re looking to reduce regular costs, CCTV could help you to minimise your insurance expenses. Because CCTV has such a positive effect with respect to protecting the business, insurers see this as a security addition and are much more likely to offer lower premiums as a result.

Monitoring employees

The vast majority of employees are honest and committed to good behaviour. However, CCTV provides protection against the few who are not. It will enable management to monitor employees who are dealing with particularly crucial business assets or cash. It also gives employees an incentive to stay honest – they will be seen by CCTV if they are not.

Simple and straightforward

CCTV doesn’t require a particularly involved installation process and is very simple to operate when up and running. The benefits are available to any business without specialist expertise required.

Avoiding issues with safety

If you can’t physically inspect your premises for safety incidents, such as potential trip hazards or fire risks, CCTV can be incredibly useful. It provides a way to monitor health and safety conditions within the business and take emergency steps where necessary.

CCTV has multiple advantages for any business and is a positive investment of resources. Contact us to find out more about how it could work for your business.

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