Why is CCTV useful in the workplace?

Why is CCTV useful in the workplace?

Whether your premises are office space or retail, CCTV has a key role to play in informing and protecting the business. The use of video surveillance is widespread in the business world and a useful resource for any organisation with employees and/or dealing with members of the public. It is an investment that many businesses have found has a lot to offer – these are just some of the ways in which CCTV is useful in the workplace.

Protection for your business

The presence of CCTV inside and outside the business has a significant deterrent effect, both on any employees who might be inclined to damage or steal, and also on those outside of the business. Prominently placed cameras may be the difference between the business being targeted by criminals or remaining untouched. If there is an incident in the workplace, the footage captured by video surveillance can often be crucial when it comes to identifying those who are to blame and supporting any police action. It provides clarity and evidence where there are issues establishing the truth or working out whether anyone internal is responsible.

Supporting employees

CCTV protects your workforce from those outside of it by providing a way to monitor anyone who enters the building who perhaps shouldn’t be there. Not only will the cameras deter intruders but they also provide an early warning system if someone does enter who shouldn’t. CCTV can also be essential for resolving disputes between employees, especially if the situation has become physical or descended into harassment. Simple, swift resolution with CCTV will be much less damaging to staff morale than arguments over who said or did what. Video surveillance can also support employees by protecting their property – such as cars in a car park – and ensuring that they are safe when making their way around the business’ premises.

Monitoring customers

There are many situations in which it can be useful to have video footage of how customers have behaved. This may be with respect to interactions with the business’ staff or where items have been stolen or handled and damaged, for example. This can help to reduce risk to employees and to the business by providing clear evidence of what actually happened, whether that was a dispute with a member of staff or a purchase claimed that was actually never made.

Maintenance and productivity

With CCTV, both maintenance and productivity can be better monitored without the need for an extensive team of staff to do so. Equipment that may need repair, for example, can be monitored via video surveillance and any unsafe situations identified and swiftly dealt with. Employee productivity is also easily monitored via CCTV, enabling a business to identify those who are currently lacking in motivation, those who don’t follow company procedures and processes (for example, with respect to safety) and anyone whose performance is currently under par.

CCTV has many uses in the workplace, from protection to evidence – we can help you to design your ideal video surveillance set up. Contact us to find out more.

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