Why are ampetronic hearing loops a must for your venue requirements?

Why are ampetronic hearing loops a must for your venue requirements?

For any venue, it’s always a priority to attract as large and diverse an audience as possible. That means catering to a wide range of needs, from those who require physical modifications to a building to enter easily, to visitors who benefit from additional support when it comes to enjoying the venue events or programme. Ampetronic hearing loops are a perfect example of an addition that can considerably enhance the appeal of a venue. They are an absolute must when it comes to ensuring that your venue can attract those who have a hearing disability.

Catering to an ageing population

One in seven people has a hearing impairment and this is a proportion that is increasing over time as the population continues to age. For a wide range of venues and service providers, being able to fully cater to this ever-expanding group needs to be a priority in order to remain competitive.

Providing a fair and high quality service

Consumers appreciate brands and businesses that anticipate their needs. There are few things more frustrating for consumers than to have to repeatedly make simple requests about service quality or access. Installing ampetronic hearing loops demonstrates that a venue is anticipating the needs of specific consumers and proactively taking steps to accommodate them so as to provide a high quality service to everyone.


Increasingly, access to services and facilities is becoming an issue of law and regulation right across the globe. Compliance today means ensuring that everyone has access to locations and services and is equally able to enjoy them. The hard of hearing are members of a protected group in many countries now and ensuring that they have equal access to experiences is the only way to enable full compliance with the law.

Taking care to create customer loyalty

Hearing impaired consumers and visitors are valuable customers and can be loyal to your venue throughout thick and thin. Creating ongoing customer loyalty requires paying attention to the infrastructure you have in place to support these customers. Ampetronic hearing loops are the only real way to ensure a positive end user experience that will portray your venue in a good light.

If you’re catering to the hearing impaired it’s important to understand that simply turning up the volume won’t help to create a positive experience – in fact, this could make it worse. What is required is separation of signal from noise, which is what ampetronic hearing loops do so effectively.

Innovative technology solutions reflect well on your venue

Being able to demonstrate to customers that you are forward-thinking in terms of facilities and solutions is essential to maintaining an existing customer base and building a new one. Ampetronic hearing loops are the most innovative development in solutions for the hard of hearing and ensure that you can provide memorable moments for all your guests and visitors.

It’s essential to ensure your venue is equipped to offer the best possible experience to the hearing impaired – for that you will need to invest in ampetronic hearing loops for the building. Get in touch today for your requirements.

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