What type of Access Control is right for you?

What type of Access Control is right for you?

There are many reasons why access control is a good idea for any business. It can make it easier to organise after work shifts, ensure that you have a record of who is coming and going – and where – and presents a simple solution to the issue of controlling sensitive resources so that they are accessed only by those who should be accessing them. Access control gives a business the ability to ensure that strangers aren’t on the premises and that visitors, guests and employees are using their designated areas and not ending up where they shouldn’t. So, there are some very good reasons why access control is beneficial – but which type of access control is for you?

Smart card access

This is probably one of the simplest types of access control and one of the most widely used. Contactless smart cards offer an easy and cost effective way to improve security in any business. They can be used in many ways, not just for restricting access to certain areas on business premises but also for providing key data, such as attendance records and controlling logging on to computers or using equipment such as printers. This is often the right solution for organisations looking to implement cost effective security that won’t require much system change. The only downside tends to be that staff need to hold on to the cards to enable access.

Digital keypad access

Using a digital keypad to provide access control is another effective option. Anyone looking to get into an area or a system must have the right code to input into the keypad. While this does rely on people being able to remember the right code, it can provide an extra degree of security, as there is no smart card which could be lost or copied. There is also the benefit that if unauthorised entry is ever  gained to the premises it’s not necessary to change all the locks, just the key code.

Biometric access

Biometric access uses qualities such as facial and iris recognition, fingerprint scans, and vascular pattern recognition in order to introduce an effective degree of security that leaves a specific trail. Biometric access control is extremely accurate and significantly reduces the opportunity for the wrong person to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t rely on staff remembering cards or passwords and, once the system is in place, is very simple to scale.

Video door access

If you are looking for a system that requires a human element then video door access is very effective and easy to use. The choice of video door can be based on a number of requirements, from budget through to features, and fitted to the structure of the area in which it is to be placed.

Access control is an essential part of ensuring that your business has the level of security that it needs when it comes to securing premises and data. Contact us to find out more about which might be the best option for you.

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