What can fibre optic cabling bring to your business?

What can fibre optic cabling bring to your business?

Fibre optic cabling is incredibly popular with businesses looking for reliable and fast connections that support key needs in an ever changing commercial world. It is the most advanced cabling option and an investment that will reap rewards in terms of the performance it can deliver. So, what are the benefits of fibre optic cabling for any business?

A more reliable connection

Other types of cabling – such as copper or coaxial cables – tend to be less robust than the cables that carry fibre optic. These are cables that are created to last for decades and which will remain reliable and functioning optimally unless something drastic happens, such as the cables being cut.

Better security

It’s almost completely impossible to hack fibre optic cabling – the only way to do it would be to cut the cable, which would take the entire system down. Although it doesn’t happen that often, it is possible to breach the security of other cable types without anyone noticing.

The highest speeds

Fibre optic cables are known for supporting high connection speeds. For example, they are unmatched by any other type of internet connection and enable identical upload and download speeds. If you’re using a different type of cable for an internet connection then upload speeds could be just a tenth of download speeds.

Getting the most from the cloud

Cloud services require connection speed and bandwidth to deliver an optimum performance. Fibre optic cabling is the only way to get top performance from cloud services and to benefit from all the cost and efficiency benefits that can bring.

The cost of fibre optic cabling reduces over time

There is a higher up front cost for fibre optic cabling, as a result of the greater complexity of the installation process, and this can sometimes be off-putting. However, the average cost of this type of cabling reduces over time, unlike other options. Lower maintenance needs and fewer hardware requirements mean that opting for fibre optic cabling has a much lower cost burden over the long-term.

Fibre optic cabling guarantees better quality

Copper and coax signals degrade over a distance but that just doesn’t happen with fibre optic cables. Latency (the speed of transmission between two points) is also greatly reduced. Plus, fibre optic cabling is much more resistant to electromagnetic interference, which means that it’s really the only option for businesses that are located close to potential sources of interference. Whereas interference can also act to degrade copper and coax signals, fibre optic remains unaffected.

Infrastructure that grows with the business

Fibre optic cabling is very easy to scale up so that your IT infrastructure grows as the business does. It can support a very wide range of ancillary devices, from printers through to Point of Sale technology, and has the speed and bandwidth for high performance cloud computing too.

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