What benefits can Xirrus Wifi bring to your business?

What benefits can Xirrus Wifi bring to your business?

Wireless connection is the benchmark expectation that most consumers and businesses now have. Not only that but we are increasingly doing everything on the move, from working to shopping and communicating. A steady increase in the number of people using smart phones and other devices has made mobile connectivity a priority. And this is set to continue as there will be 53.96 million smart phone users in the UK by 2022. So, an effective, scalable wireless solution that is suited to operational environments is an essential component in forward thinking business IT – Xirrus Wifi is the ideal choice.

Why Xirrus?

Xirrus is one of the market leaders when it comes to high performance wireless networks and has an impressively broad network. Its capabilities are far reaching and the unique modular design developed by the brand ensures the widest possible coverage.

Investment has also been made in efficient technology – when you opt for Xirrus you benefit from the savings that can be made by the design adopted by the business. This approach requires less equipment and fewer cable drops and switch ports, as well as cutting the level of installation finance that is necessary.

What benefits does Xirrus Wifi have for businesses?

As well as a simplified approach and cost savings, Xirrus Wifi also provides some other specific advantages for businesses.

More extensive coverage with less equipment

For example, Xirrus has the ability to cover wide ranging areas, both indoors and out, but with 75% less equipment.

Versatile and reliable

Xirrus is capable of handling very high densities of users and can provide reliable access to roaming crowds, for example to delegates at conferences or guests at an event.

Quick deployment

Opting for Xirrus means less time and resources are required to be invested in deployment. It’s simpler and faster to deploy Xirrus Wifi, in spite of the more extensive coverage it provides, and these systems also have less accompanying tech and a significantly reduced supporting infrastructure.

Enabling a wide range of access

For example, BYOD is fully supported by Xirrus Wifi. A range of access management features and functionality make it simple to give access to those who require it.

True scalability

Xirrus has almost unprecedented scaling capability so that your Wifi network can cope with any increase in need. New standards are easily adopted without any changes being required to the wired infrastructure.

The opportunity to future proof business networks

Upgrades, improvements and changes required to meet new need can be easily accommodated. For example, upgrading to the latest wireless standards can be achieved without equipment replacement.

Making investment in Wifi networks work harder for the business

For example, administrative functions (e.g. registration) can be taken online and streamlined to help reduce the operating costs of a business like a conference venue.

These are just some of the ways in which Xirrus stands out as a superior option for Wifi – contact us if you’d like to find out more about the potential benefits for your business.

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