What access control is best suited to your security requirements?

What access control is best suited to your security requirements?

Access control makes a lot of sense for any business. Increasingly, we live in an era where there are rising numbers of threats and heightened accountability makes every business responsible for its vulnerabilities. With a comprehensive access control system in place it’s possible to better manage the risks of security to your business and to ensure that you can trace back any issues that do arise.

What is access control?

It’s a system of comprehensive safeguards that puts physical limits on who has access to the various parts of your business. With access control you can protect your company property, information and interests with a combination of physical and digital systems that give you more insight and control over how the business is operating.

Considerations for access control design

The right kind of access control for your business will depend on its individual structure and demands. You’ll need to start by looking at your physical premises and the space occupied. What kind of security needs do the premises have? This may depend on a number of different factors, including the location of the premises, its exit and entry points as well as the physical features of the building.

It will also be necessary to look at who is using the business, including the volume of employees who are passing through the building every day and any guests, contractors and suppliers. What is crucial at this stage is to look, both at your current security requirements, and also what your business is likely to need over the next 5-10 years. If you can create access control that takes into consideration imminent development then the investment that you make will last a lot longer.

Access control – the options

  • Access limits – one of the key decisions for access control will be where to implement the limitations that you want to put into place. It may be necessary to apply access control to a specific area or room and you may want to define zones within your premises to help you do this. It may be a good idea to define specific access options for guests or suppliers who enter the premises and there can be special considerations for employees, such as time card verification.
  • The type of system that you use – you can choose from a very wide range of different access systems depending on whether you want to use simple access technology or something more complex, such as biometric scans. Some of the most common options include access cards and control keypads. If you opt for access cards then the holder of the card is either required to insert it into a reader to gain entry or to place it within certain proximity of a reader to get into the area. In the case of control keypads, a numeric access key is required.

If you’re keen to establish access control at your business, the simplest way to do this is with an expert review. We can help you to determine what the best options would be and how to get them up and running. Give Suna Communication a call today on 0208 390 8811.

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