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3 reasons to consider updating your network setup for 2019

Network quality and consistency are more important to businesses in 2018 than they have ever been. From supporting more agile working structures through to enabling more efficient customer relationship management, businesses today rely more heavily than ever before on a network to deliver results. If you’re looking to make an investment that will have an impact right across the business in 2019, updating your network setup is a smart choice. Why consider updating your network setup for 2019? 1. To improve network performance The demands placed on...

How breakthroughs in fibre optic cabling are pushing fibre optic ahead of traditional cabling

Cabling significantly affects end user quality of service and experience and so the more this technology is innovated, the greater potential there is for service improvement. While fibre optic is already regarded as the better option for higher speeds and a more uninterrupted service, recent developments could take existing achievements even further. Fibre optic vs. traditional cabling – where are we now? Fibre optic cabling is becoming increasingly widely used. It essentially uses light pulses to transmit information and is broadly acknowledged as being the best option...

What benefits can Xirrus Wifi bring to your business?

Wireless connection is the benchmark expectation that most consumers and businesses now have. Not only that but we are increasingly doing everything on the move, from working to shopping and communicating. A steady increase in the number of people using smart phones and other devices has made mobile connectivity a priority. And this is set to continue as there will be 53.96 million smart phone users in the UK by 2022. So, an effective, scalable wireless solution that is suited to operational environments is...