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Why you should consider buying company laptops for your employees to use

Giving laptops to your employees can help to facilitate more flexible and agile working and also provide a boost to productivity. Employees with laptops can work on the move, a well as outside of regular office hours and from other locations, such as home. However, is this investment of resources really worth it? Seven good reasons to consider buying laptops for your employees 1. Security If your employees are working from the company’s laptops, security risks to the data they are working with are much lower. With a company laptop...

What are the benefits of a Wired Business Network?

When you are looking at setting up a new business premises or merely looking at upgrading your current business network, consider installing a Wired Network. Choosing a wired network could bring a whole range of benefits to your business, ranging from a performance boost to increased security. Higher Speed The biggest benefit of a Wired Network setup is boosting speed performance. Comparatively wired connections (Structured Cabling) will support faster speeds than wireless alternatives. Structured Cabling types will vary depending on your requirements, but options include Cat5e...

How can you improve security in your workplace with access controls?

Security breaches can be catastrophic for any business. These can occur not just in the digital realm but the physical too. Physical security breaches may worsen the impact of a digital security breach and they are much more preventable. If security is a priority for your business then you can’t afford to forget about the importance of access controls. If you want to ensure that your business is protected when it comes to physical security then access controls will be essential. Physical security – where is your...