Is it time to upgrade your business’ telephony setup?

Is it time to upgrade your business’ telephony setup?

Many businesses underestimate the benefits that arise from ensuring that you have the right telephony setup in place. If you’ve been using the same system for decades then you could be missing out on multiple opportunities for improved efficiency and productivity – and you could find yourself with a redundant technology on your hands in the near future. No matter what the size or sector of your business, now is the ideal time to consider upgrading your business’ telephony setup.

Old systems could be holding back growth

This is primarily because legacy telephone setups are often difficult to scale. The cost and time involved in supporting business growth can be problematic for older systems. Upgrading your business’ telephony setup to a more modern digital system will give you many more options when it comes to scaling.

Not every setup is right for multiple locations

It’s one thing to scale up a single business but quite another to start expanding your enterprise across multiple locations. That can present a whole range of headaches for an existing telephony setup, from managing number forwarding to installation complexity in a new office. An upgraded system with the versatility to expand into multiple locations gives your business the freedom to grow in whichever way it needs to.

Cutting edge integration

Older telephone systems have no functionality when it comes to integrating with other systems, especially those that are relatively recent. A brand new system, on the other hand, could provide your business with app integration, which presents a range of opportunities for finding efficiencies and improving productivity and workflows. For example, a phone system integrated with Google Apps for Work means that calls can be initiated from simply clicking on a contact in Gmail and will also generate a transparent record of all communication. The opportunities for app integration are endless, from apps for faxing or virtual meetings, to CRM integration.

Facilitating immediate connections

Older telephony systems tend to mean that callers end up with voicemail and that can be damaging to customer relationships. An upgraded system will enable you to create a direct link by forwarding calls to the relevant mobile. That way nothing ever goes unanswered and responsiveness ratings are high even if your staff are frequently working off site or your business has an agile, remote working structure.

Routing calls through the internet

If making costs savings is a top priority for you then upgrading your telephony system so that you have access to Voice Over Internet Protocol will help you to achieve it. Not only does making calls over the internet in this way help to bring down cost but it can also improve availability too. Calls can be taken from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and no new cables or hardware is required to add numbers.

Upgrading your business’ telephony setup could give you the opportunity to bring down costs, introduce more efficiencies and unify all your communication channels. If you’d like to discuss the requirements for your business please get in touch with Suna today.

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