How has the cloud transformed telecoms for business use?

How has the cloud transformed telecoms for business use?

Telecoms is one industry that has been completely shaken up by the arrival of cloud technology. A decade ago telecoms were entirely on-premise but today a huge percentage of projects and processes are now cloud based. So enthusiastic has the take up of cloud telecoms been for business use that some experts have predicted the term ‘cloud technology’ won’t even be in use by 2025. Instead, cloud technology will be the telecoms technology standard – the norm.

Disrupting business processes

Cloud based telecoms have given businesses a unique opportunity to change the infrastructure and systems that have defined many processes for many years. This kind of disruption has had a particular impact on these key areas.

The customer experience

For any business in any industry, customer experience – delivering it and understanding it – is a key priority. From automation to contact centre technology, cloud telecoms are increasingly providing new ways in which businesses can acquire, retain and develop customer relationships. New technologies enable customers to self-serve, and analytics and compliance tools provide essential insight that can be used to make more accurate and focused strategic decisions. Telecoms are fundamental to communication between brands and customers and, thanks to the cloud, businesses are now better able to understand and control the impact this has on the customer experience.

Securing connections and protecting applications and data

The cloud provides an efficiency and security upgrade for many enterprises when it comes to telecoms systems. On-premise telecoms are notoriously hard to protect and maintain without significant resources and many businesses have found themselves vulnerable as a result. With the arrival of the cloud, connectivity can be more reliably and better managed to enable businesses to avoid the consequences of disruption to business continuity as a result of telecoms failures. Cloud services not only guarantee more up time but also a range of resources to deal with issues that do arise. Security is tightened and more responsive and the cloud has made backup much simpler and more efficient, ensuring that data is protected many times a day.

Collaboration and mobility

Cloud telecoms have given businesses opportunities to be truly mobile and agile when it comes to internal processes. In its simplest form, the use of cloud technology means key data or systems can be accessed from any location where there is an internet connection. So, business telecoms can now truly support international, mobile workforces without any consequent compromise to security. Field working, home working and flexible working options are all made possible today and could not have existed with such efficiency and productivity without the development of cloud technology for telecoms. Crucially, businesses can also be more collaborative – telecoms for business use can open up opportunities for closer working, despite physical or geographical borders that may exist.

The cloud has been truly revolutionary with respect to the impact on telecoms for business uses. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of cloud services for your business get in touch.

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