How are WiFi and mobile working redefining the modern workplace?

How are WiFi and mobile working redefining the modern workplace?

WiFi has been a truly transformative development in the business world. It has made possible constant connection without the restriction of being tied to a physical location. For many organisations this has enabled growth into new markets, more efficient performance and the opportunity to introduce truly agile working practices. As we enter an era of more mobile working and increasingly more reliable networks, what does this mean for productivity in the modern workplace?

WiFi, mobile working and productivity

One specific area where WiFi has had a real impact is by making BYOD culture possible in workplaces. BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – enables employees to use their already-owned tech to access workplace WiFi networks and systems and carry out role-related tasks. BYOD could involve a mobile-phone a tablet or a laptop, which an employee integrates into their working practices. There are clear benefits to BYOD for businesses, from cutting the cost of buying the hardware to helping to improve productivity at work in a number of different ways


As a result of BYOD, employees may be able to be more productive and efficient on their own terms. For example, answering emails on the train home or working on tasks in between meetings while outside of the office. BYOD gives employees more freedom to work in a way that suits their own schedule and enables employers to benefit from additional employee attention to an individual role.


A Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group study found that “the average global BYOD user saves 37 minutes per week thanks to their own devices.“ So, the use of WiFi and BYOD may give employees the opportunity to save time on more manual or menial tasks to free up more time to focus on where they can truly add value.


Research indicates that, on average, a connected employee works an extra two hours every day and sends 20 more emails. That’s an impressive increase in productivity that would be difficult to achieve by other means. The reality is that employees are more likely to take ownership of performance and results with BYOD and so to be more willing to work outside of normal business hours.


A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit not only found that employees who were connected to the internet on a mobile device contributed a 16% improvement in productivity but that job satisfaction increased by 23% and company loyalty by 21%.

What about security?

It’s key with both WiFi and BYOD use for there to be effective security measures in place. The more devices that are accessing a network, the better security and monitoring needs to be to prevent any unauthorised access and to keep track of activity. However, with the right security in place, all the benefits of WiFi and mobile working that are redefining the modern workplace are accessible for every business.

If you’d like to find out more about how to optimise your use of WiFi – and improve security and productivity – we can help. Contact us to find out more.

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