Could your venue benefit from installing ampetronic hearing loops?

Could your venue benefit from installing ampetronic hearing loops?

Making your venue more accessible to those who are hard of hearing is not just a great move in terms of supporting diversity but could also help you to access a whole new market. The demand for ampetronic hearing loops is steadily increasing, as more and more venues realise how many people require this kind of support – and the additional audience you could attract by providing facilities for those who have hearing issues.

Legal compliance

Many countries have passed (or are passing) legislation that requires Induction Loop Systems so that those who are hard of hearing don’t miss out on opportunities as a result of this disability. As the technology has developed it has increasingly becoming necessary for many venues to install ampetronic hearing loops to avoid problems with legal issues such as discrimination claims. As providing this facility has become a benchmark, as opposed to a “nice to have,” its use is a much more common expectation in countries around the globe.

End user demand

Those in the hard of hearing community are now much better informed when it comes to the solutions that are available to support their life experiences. As a result, there is an expectation that ampetronic hearing loops will be made available in all venues, whether large or small. As meeting the needs of the customer is crucial to the ongoing survival of many venues, installing ampetronic hearing loops could be key.

A significant market

One in seven people has a hearing disability so the market for those interested in attending venues where ampetronic hearing loops are installed is sizeable. For some venues there is the risk of losing trade if this technology isn’t available, particularly if the target audience is likely to require the support of ampetronic hearing loops. If your venue is looking to engage with a wider audience – or needs to increase visitor numbers – ampetronic hearing loops could be a facility that provides your venue with a considerable boost.

You can’t just turn the volume up

It’s not enough to simply turn up the volume when you’re presented with hard of hearing members of an audience, as this can actually be more difficult to deal with. What ampetronic hearing loops do is to separate the signal from the noise. It’s this key function that makes ampetronic hearing loops such an effective option for the hard of hearing – and which will ensure that your venue gets its message across.

Customer experience is key

Today, many consumers have less disposable income than they used to and there is serious competition from businesses and brands to get them to spend it. Customer experience has a key part to play in whether customers return – and whether they attend in the first place – and the hearing part of the experience is fundamental to that.

Ampetronic hearing loops have many benefits for venues, from ensuring that those with disabilities are supported, to broadening out the venue’s appeal to a wider audience.

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