Could you benefit from utilising IP telephony?

Could you benefit from utilising IP telephony?

IP telephony helps businesses to overcome the limits of a traditional telephone network. It uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology to enable the business to receive, and make, telephone calls and to create one consistent structure to handle all communications needs. Aligning your communications strategy so that both voice and data are handled by internet-based technologies can have a wide range of benefits for any business looking to evolve.

Enabling a more agile infrastructure

IT telephony uses the internet to transmit data. So, all that is required is an internet connection for communication channels to be opened, no matter where in the world employees and managers are. It’s also a huge advantage to have IP telephony when it comes to convenience, as there is no need to change numbers or to pay the additional charges for a long distance call.

A more cost effective approach

Analog phone lines are not required when it comes to IT telephony and this can help to considerably reduce the associated costs. If you move away from traditional telephone networks then you’re no longer subject to the expenses that are levied by telephone companies. This often means that, over time, it’s much easier to reduce overall communications costs.

Easy installation and integration

A traditional telephone installation is best left to the professionals but when it comes to IP telephony, it’s much more straightforward to install and integrate the system. Phone companies often have their own proprietary software and may have developed specific systems and displays that are difficult to configure. IP telephony, on the other hand, requires only some familiarity with networks for it to be quickly and easily understood. The simpler the system, the more likely it will be better used and that users will be able to solve their own issues if they should arise.

Supporting scalable infrastructure

Scalability is one of the most important elements in enabling business growth today. We are all increasingly looking for more responsive systems that can be quickly scaled up in times of need. IP telephony is not dependent on physical phone connections, which can make scaling up at speed difficult and costly. Scaling up with IP telephony is much simpler than for a traditional telephone, as the new phone simply has to be connected to the router.

A rich range of features

Perhaps that most distinctive benefit of IP telephony is the wide range of features that can be incorporated into communications systems that use it. VoIP phone systems offer much more than just the ability to make and receive calls. From teleconferencing to unified messaging and email transcription there’s an enormous range of different features available to those who invest in IP telephony, a range that is evolving all the time.

If you’d like to find out more about IP telephony, how it is deployed, as well as the benefits that it could provide to your business then get in touch. Our highly experienced team will be happy to help you find the right IP telephony solution for you.

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