How can tablets aid education and learning in the classroom?

Education benefits considerably from technology today, with faster, more effective and more engaging ways to teach and encourage learning being developed all the time. From the use of chalk and blackboards, to whiteboards and now personal technology, development has improved learning options for students across the world in recent decades. Tablets, in particular, have a lot to contribute to education and learning in the classroom.

Why should you consider a Wireless Survey for your business?

Like any other business asset, if you’re investing in a wireless network for your company then you want to ensure that you’re getting the best possible service for your cash. Wireless that is constantly interrupted, or which has a poor signal strength, is not only going to be difficult to work with but will also be a waste of resources. A wireless survey is probably the only way to ensure that your wireless network is designed and installed in a way that makes the most of the wireless service available given the space that you’re working with.

How does AV technology benefit education in schools?

AV technology in schools is not new – we have seen tech such as TVs and video players used for decades. However, today the choice of AV technology that is available to educational institutions, and the range of advantages that using this technology can have for students, is much broader. From influencing future employment prospects to keeping students alert and engaged, there are many benefits for education in using AV technology in schools.