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4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace

Touchscreen technology is something that is emerging in many different workplace settings worldwide, throughout multiple sectors. So far, it is shown to have had a strong effect on worker productivity, creating a positive impact overall. Despite the fact that touchscreen technology is often seen as a novelty, it actually has a genuine impact on the way that we work. Here are 4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace:


Which type of projector is right for your business?

Business technology budgets tend to be fairly stretched these days. However, a projector is a worthwhile investment that has all sorts of benefits and uses. From enabling you to introduce greener business practices that reduce paper waste, to finding new ways to make projects more engaging and collaborative, a projector is a real asset, no matter what the industry. So, if you’re choosing between projector types, how to you ensure that you’ve made the right decision?

How has fibre optic technology changed over time?

Fibre optic technology is something that we tend to take for granted today. It has been to modern society what the invention of pipes marked for the Romans – an efficient way to carry something essential to those that need it at high speed. It can transmit higher volumes of data than copper cables, over a longer distance, and has a much greater resistance to interference and security breaches. But how has this fascinating technology changed over time?