Cloud Xirrus Wifi

Xirrus Wifi - Enterprise Grade Cloud Wireless

Suna Communication is a Surrey based approved installer of XIRRUS Wi-Fi products. Xirrus is a well-rounded and scalable wireless solution which is simply to deploy and is well suited to operational environments including Education, Hospitality (high density) and Commercial.

How we work

Mobility is now the norm and people everywhere expect to connect without wires. The explosion of tablets and smartphones has seen to that. Innovative organisations are using those devices to engage with their customers, transforming business models, and ensuring connectivity under even the most demanding circumstances.

Xirrus are a leader in high-performance wireless networks and delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of Access Points and Arrays which support supporting a,b,g,n and ac. Their unique modular design provides greater coverage and provides significant savings by reducing the amount of equipment, cable drops, switch ports, and installation labour costs required in the network.

Wifi Services:

  • Supply and installation of Xirrus Wireless Access Points (WAPS)
  • Visual inspection and live equipment wireless surveys
  • Cat 5e and Cat 6 data cabling
  • Supply and installation of PoE network switches
  • Network configuration and VLANS
  • Supply of power injectors
  • Wireless surveys for voice
  • RF coverage and spectrum analysis
  • RF modelling and simulations
  • Replacement equipment
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Service and maintenance agreements

The Xirrus advantage for Education:

  • Identify and prioritise critical education applications to ensure teaching progresses uninterrupted
  • Deploy faster and easier with significantly less equipment and supporting infrastructure
  • Support 1:1 and BYOD initiatives with a truly scalable, high performance wireless network
  • Speed up and simplify onboarding new student and faculty BYOD devices with full-featured access management
  • Future proof your network with technology upgrade path to 802.11ac and other wireless standards without replacing kit
  • Simplify operations with zero touch provisioning and turn up of new equipment via automated online activation

Xirrus High Performance Wireless Networks for Public Venues:

  • Support exceptionally high densities of users and massive roaming crowds at conferences and events
  • Cover enormous indoor and outdoor areas with over 75% less equipment, cable runs, and switch ports.
  • Transition gracefully to less congested 5GHz channels through software-programmable radios as mobile devices migrate away from 2.4GHz.
  • Scale capacity and adopt new standards simply by adding radios to existing Arrays with no rip-and-replace or changes to the wired-infrastructure.
  • Reduce venue operating costs by streamlining expensive administrative functions such as ticketing, registration and mobile point-of-sale.
  • Increase revenue with value-added wireless services such as location-based advertising, preferential access, commerce and exclusive content.

"SUNA have played an active role in the solution and design process for the cabling infrastructure at Glebelands. Their engineers are professional and have a “right first time” ethos which helps ensure minimal disruption to Teaching and Learning. Unforeseen on-site problems are brought to our attention with proposed solutions. SUNA have a good understanding of how a school works and when doing term time installations work flexibly around building usage and student movement. Deadlines and programmes have been adhered to in all their work. As a result of their active role SUNA has carried out work at a partner school with equal success."