How to choose the right access control for your premises

Access control holds the key to exceptional security for your premises. Security, and how to manage facility access, both in terms of employees and visitors, is a question that every business needs to tackle at some point. There are a range of different access control options to consider – and some key questions that need to be asked to ensure the right choice is made.

The impact of digital technology on access control

We have gone beyond the days of paper badges and labels to a much more efficient way to manage visitors and staff thanks to the range of different technologies that are available. From app-based solutions and tablet interfaces to simple access badges, the range of choice that any organisation has when it comes to organising access has increased exponentially in recent years. Plus, hosted solutions have made tech-smart solutions available on a much wider basis by eliminating the need to maintain a private server and software update and so significantly reduce costs.

Questions to ask when choosing access control for your premises

1. Do managed access control systems offer your business additional benefits?

Many access control operations are managed in-house, from the process of badging to managing permissions and auditing systems and history of use. This works for some businesses but can put pressure on employees, such as a receptionist, who may also be committed to other tasks. The option of outsourced managed access control, where key elements are remotely managed, is increasing becoming an efficient and effective choice.

2. What kind of access control does your business need?

It’s optimal to start from the point of understanding how your premises are used by visitors and staff. Are there certain areas where the majority of staff and visitors shouldn’t be, do you need to ensure access after hours and how often will access control be required at weekends?

3. What level of security is required?

A key pad with a PIN is often adequate security for premises – or areas within premises – that don’t need to be especially secure. However, PINs can be easily shared so, for those parts of the business that require an additional level of security, a more comprehensive option, such as keycards plus key pads could be preferable.

4. How much is the budget?

This will be a key question, as security access control systems must be affordable and cost effective. If there are a limited number of access points to secure then economical options, such as keypads can be a cost effective solution. For more complex needs budgets may have to be higher.

5. What kind of integration is required?

If your access control needs to integrate with other systems – such as video or an HR system – then look for third party integration from the start.

6. Who is going to manage your access control?

This will be a key question in terms of the complexity of the system and whether you want to have functions such as cardholder privileges managed in-house.

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