Suna Communication offers a range of cabling services to customers including data and fibre optic.
Suna Communication works with brands such as Xirrus and Cisco to deliver reliable and effective wireless solutions.
From SMART board and touchscreen installation, to conferencing and support, Suna Communication has your Audio Visual needs covered.
Suna Communication offers a range of security services including CCTV and Access Control to ensure you and your business are protected.
Suna Communication has a vast amount of experience supplying and installating business hardware including phones and computer systems.

Complete Network and Communication Solutions To the education sector, government and businesses nationwide.

Suna Communication delivers professionalhigh quality exceptional services designed to surpass expectation and maximise ROI.

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Could you benefit from utilising IP telephony?

IP telephony helps businesses to overcome the limits of a traditional telephone network. It uses voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology to enable the business to receive, and make, telephone calls and to create one consistent structure to handle all communications needs. Aligning your communications strategy so that both voice and data are handled by internet-based technologies can have a wide range of benefits for any business looking to evolve.

How to ensure your data cabling installation is a success

Data cabling may seem like a minor component in overall IT infrastructure but it actually underpins everything. An installation involves drilling holes, running hundreds of feet of cable and also integrating this with other parts of the building, such as pipes and existing cables. So, what can you do to ensure that the process of data cabling installation is a success?

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A recent study by non-profit trade association IT Trade Association CompTIA found that 75% of educators felt that technology was having a positive impact on the overall process of learning. Technology in schools has certainly become a permanent fixture. Today, we are as likely to see computers, smart boards and tablets in the classroom as in any office environment. But can technology in schools really aid learning and how does it work?