5 ways that projectors and interactive whiteboards aid classroom learning

5 ways that projectors and interactive whiteboards aid classroom learning

The current generation of digital natives requires a different approach to teaching. With children today using technology on a daily basis there are new challenges for teachers when it comes to learning and keeping classrooms engaged. Working with projectors and interactive whiteboards provides a tool to improve classroom learning and get more from every session.

A more efficient way of learning

Projectors and interactive whiteboards provide the opportunity to make learning more effective and efficient. Prior to the arrival of this technology into classrooms the options were limited and lessons could consist purely of teachers writing – and rewriting – on a board. This often resulted in an inconsistent and ineffective learning experience for the class who could quickly lose interest. Projectors and whiteboards make a lesson easier to plan and organise so that the session is one smooth series of points and children remain engaged.

Blended learning made easy

One of the toughest challenges most teachers face is holding the attention of a class. The younger the students, the more difficult this may be. Projectors and interactive whiteboards are a key tool, making blended learning easier to introduce to the classroom with the result that classes are more engaged. Lessons can be broken up into segments – presentation, video, group exercise, interactive games – all of which can be planned and presented via a laptop.

Active student participation

Projectors and whiteboards enable more dynamic teaching that directly engages with students. Up to 10 students at a time can draw on an interactive projector, for example, and any gaps in knowledge or points that need examining or explaining can be addressed via internet research that everyone is looking at. Projectors and interactive whiteboards give students the opportunity to be part of the lessons and allow teachers to make use of all resources to create a more dynamic learning experience.


Thanks to smart phones most students are already used to enjoying a gaming element when it comes to technology. This has a key role to play in a learning environment when it comes to helping to keep students engaged and also providing new ways to make learning stick. Whether you’re using puzzles and games as a reward for completing a particularly challenging lesson topic, or as part of the process of illustration and explanation, the gamification element that projectors and interactive whiteboards can introduce gives teachers the opportunities to improve engagement and make learning more digestible for students.

Improving the quality of lessons

Traditionally, students take notes during lessons and then rely on these for any follow up work or revision. There are a number of issues with this way of learning, including the fact that notes are often incorrect and taking notes during a session can distract from the discussion. Projectors and interactive whiteboards enable notes to be shared digitally at the end of a lesson so that students can concentrate 100% while the lesson itself is taking place. This not only increases engagement levels but ensures notes are of consistent quality too.

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