4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace

4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace

Touchscreen technology is something that is emerging in many different workplace settings worldwide, throughout multiple sectors. So far, it is shown to have had a strong effect on worker productivity, creating a positive impact overall. Despite the fact that touchscreen technology is often seen as a novelty, it actually has a genuine impact on the way that we work. Here are 4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace:

#1 – Communication is simplified

Touchscreen devices have been shown to increase communication speeds when compared with non-touchscreen alternatives. Touchscreen panels make sending and receiving information much faster, with it taking just seconds to do something like send an email.  This is true for personal devices, but also makes it easier in a group setting for meetings or conferences where communication is shared on a single large screen and visible to those required.

#2 – Higher levels of workplace engagement

Perhaps it is the novelty value of touchscreen technology that has also contributed to higher levels of workplace engagement, but there is no doubt that the element of fun encourages greater interaction between workers. For example, the SMART Board is a great alternative than a typical whiteboard for shared use.

#3 – Links with useful applications and programs

Touchscreen technologies like the SMART Board are able to access apps and programs designed to work specifically on them. This means that they can be personalised to allow members of staff to use them as required. This includes things like presentations, which can be made interactively, while making notes on-screen, drawing diagrams, all to aid the overall presentation.

#4 – Automation is the future

Automation is something that is on the rise for the future of most industries, simply because we are always looking for easier, lower-effort ways of completing tasks, that offer greater efficiency and overall productivity. SMART Boards and other touchscreens are ideal for displaying directions or helpful information, which cuts out processes like asking members of the team for this information via email, or other communication method.

Touchscreens are an innovative way to transform your workplace. They aid learning, presentation and simplify processes throughout organisations and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Get in touch with Suna Communication today on 0208 390 8811 to see whether we could supply your business with the best fit SMART Board or touchscreen solution for you.

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