3 reasons to consider updating your network setup for 2019

3 reasons to consider updating your network setup for 2019

Network quality and consistency are more important to businesses in 2018 than they have ever been. From supporting more agile working structures through to enabling more efficient customer relationship management, businesses today rely more heavily than ever before on a network to deliver results. If you’re looking to make an investment that will have an impact right across the business in 2019, updating your network setup is a smart choice.

Why consider updating your network setup for 2019?

1. To improve network performance

The demands placed on a business network are changing and in the near future features such as latency and switching performance will take over from plug-and-play as the most important network characteristics. The quality and design of the network infrastructure in place will have a big impact over whether it is capable of supporting the ever-increasing layers of IP that are available to engage with. So, updating your network setup for 2019 could be essential in order to sustain high levels of performance and maintain service levels.

2. To increase reliability

A reliable network has always been a baseline for many businesses. However, the infrastructure that is required to deliver this is changing with the increased pressure that innovation and advanced technology are putting on services. New communications options, such as VoIP Systems, can present a wide range of benefits with respect to streamlining costs and improving business comms.

However, they demand more from a network to function well and can also add significant pressure that may cause it to be less than reliable. So, to accommodate new tech advances and innovation that can help the business to move towards goals of efficiency or cost effectiveness, it may be necessary to update your network for 2019.

3. To ensure high levels of security

From ransomware to cryptojacking, the extent and range of threats to network security is set to increase significantly in 2019. Cyber criminals are no longer content simply to target the big brands but instead are already focusing on small businesses too. In fact, almost half of cyber attacks now target small businesses. Whatever the size of the enterprise, the way in for any attacker is via weak network security.

Even if your business is maintaining the security it has always had this may not be enough – an upgrade may be essential simply to achieve current standards. Why? Because the volume of risks is changing and growing all the time. From the broader range of devices accessing a network, to rise in the number of attacks against it, updating network setup could be crucial just to keep up. Everything from firewalls – and the way they are deployed – through to network monitoring may need to be revisited and updated.

2019 could be a tough year for business, particularly given the anticipated economic and political upheaval on the horizon. Updating network set up in advance of the new year will be essential for any organisation looking to retain, and improve on, standards of reliability, performance and security.

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