3 reasons to consider implementing access control for your work location

3 reasons to consider implementing access control for your work location

High quality security is an essential for every business premises, whether small or large. Protecting your business from intruders, thieves and vandals is crucial to ensuring that your staff and assets are safe. Access control can not only help you to secure premises but to better manage them too. There are three very good reasons why implementing access control for your work location could be a positive step for your business.

1. Increasing transparency

With access control systems there is much more transparency when it comes to how your employees move around the building. This may not seem important at first but being able to trace which employees were in which location when something happened can prove to be invaluable. Access control can help to reduce disputes, for example over whether employees are arriving on time in the morning, and make employee movements auditable. Whether you’re dealing with an issue of stolen stock or disputed overtime, having access control in place can give your business more insight and control.

2. Automating access

A classic lock and key system is what many businesses rely on – usually until something goes wrong. These basic systems have a lot of disadvantages and any business that has spent significant resources on replacing keys that are constantly lost will know just how costly they can be. There are some serious issues with a lock and key system when it comes to security because there is no accountability. Anyone who has possession of the key can open the lock, whether they are meant to or not. If the key is lost then your business may have to go through the process of replacing, not just all the keys, but the locks too. Access isn’t possible without the key and this can also be problematic, for example for new employees arriving for Day One. Access control systems automate these processes, from changing lock configurations to tighten security, to allowing access to the right people at the right time. Technologies such as badges with embedded wireless technologies or punch-in codes are much more user friendly and make access control simpler for employees and easier for the business to manage.

3. Speed in emergencies

When an emergency situation occurs, a traditional lock and key system provides no fast response. With an access control system in place the business will be able to use its data to identify where employees are and to help account for all staff on the premises. This type of system also enables and emergency lockdown in a way that a traditional lock and key system simply cannot do. It is possible to instantly restrict who is able to enter and leave the building to respond to a situation that could quickly escalate out of control if access to the building is not restricted swiftly.

Access control has key benefits for businesses, operationally and also when it comes to improving security. If you’d like to look in to the possibility of an access control system for your business we can help – contact us to find out more.

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