10 common uses of CCTV in the workplace that are worth considering

10 common uses of CCTV in the workplace that are worth considering

No matter how well managed your business or how well planned the premises, it’s impossible to have eyes on every part of it at the same time. Effective CCTV provides that extra, essential oversight for both security and peace of mind.

Why use workplace CCTV

1. Monitoring and safety

If there is one area of your premises that is more vulnerable or high risk than others then CCTV can provide essential monitoring. This could be somewhere that fire is more likely to break out, for example, or a location where there have been a lot of accidents. The presence of CCTV will not only enable you to respond quickly but also to see what actually happened.

2. Providing protection to your employees

Whether your staff are public facing or dealing with traders and suppliers, where there is CCTV they are protected from threats and wrongly made accusations.

3. Your own peace of mind

As CCTV today can be linked up to your laptop or other mobile devices, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your premises wherever you are.

The deterrent effect

A CCTV system has been proven to have a deterrent effect on those who are considering committing a crime. Being caught on camera breaking and entering or doing someone an injury just doesn’t appeal to most criminals. So, even just having CCTV cameras in a visible spot will have an impact.

Issues with employees

You might be suspicious that one of your employees has their hands in the till or there might be conflict between staff that you’re keen to monitor. If you have issues with employees then CCTV provides a way to subtly monitor a potential problem and gives you a tool for handling any necessary response.

As evidence

CCTV is often used as evidence and can be a powerful form of proof no matter what the accusations. Having CCTV installed in your workplace will give you evidence, whether that’s required with your own employees or can be used to help the police in another matter.

A good behaviour tool

Employees who know that they are on camera are much less likely to misbehave. Even when you’re not there you can still make your presence felt with CCTV cameras that monitor staff at work.

Customer security

When customers see CCTV they tend to feel more secure and this helps to build trust and confidence in your business.

A productivity boost

Some of the biggest problems employers face in productivity terms come from downtime that is lost when staff sit around and chat in between tasks or shifts. This tends to happen much less often where there is CCTV, which means it can help to improve productivity where cameras are prominently placed.

Protect off-limits areas

If there are places on your premises where confidential information is stored, or spaces for hardware or product development that you want to keep away from prying eyes, CCTV acts as both a deterrent and a way to monitor anyone who is breaking the rules to get access.

CCTV can be an excellent addition to any business – contact Suna Communication to find out how to integrate it into your infrastructure for maximum benefit.

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