How are WiFi and mobile working redefining the modern workplace?

WiFi has been a truly transformative development in the business world. It has made possible constant connection without the restriction of being tied to a physical location. For many organisations this has enabled growth into new markets, more efficient performance and the opportunity to introduce truly agile working practices. As we enter an era of more mobile working and increasingly more reliable networks, what does this mean for productivity in the modern workplace?

How to choose the right access control for your premises

Access control holds the key to exceptional security for your premises. Security, and how to manage facility access, both in terms of employees and visitors, is a question that every business needs to tackle at some point. There are a range of different access control options to consider – and some key questions that need to be asked to ensure the right choice is made.

Which phone system is the best for your business setup?

Establishing the right technology infrastructure for your business will be crucial to ensuring that it is run cost effectively and is meeting the needs of your workforce. The phone system you use is a key part of this setup and an important communication tool. The two main choices for phone systems are voice over internet protocol (VoIP) or traditional landline. So, which one is best for your business setup?