Could your venue benefit from installing ampetronic hearing loops?

Making your venue more accessible to those who are hard of hearing is not just a great move in terms of supporting diversity but could also help you to access a whole new market. The demand for ampetronic hearing loops is steadily increasing, as more and more venues realise how many people require this kind of support – and the additional audience you could attract by providing facilities for those who have hearing issues.

How does a site survey help with your WiFi network installation?

WiFi network installation is often a more complex and involved process than imagined. Unlike a wired network, it’s often difficult to predict the number of access points required for a WiFi network and serious problems could arise if a guesstimate goes wrong. That’s why a site survey is such an essential part of the process when it comes to WiFi network installation, helping to avoid issues such as over provisioning or co-channel interference from access points that are too close.

Which data cabling is the best fit for your requirements?

Choosing data cabling for your business may seem to be more engineering than infrastructure. However, given that it’s the cabling that will have an influence over the network and how productive and efficient it is, this is an important choice to make. Even WiFi networks need to be cabled – so how do you make sure you choose the right data cabling for you?

What are the options?

Cables are a bundle of individual wires that are used to conduct signals or power. The conductors in those wires are usually one of the following two choices: