ICT for Education

How can you refine your school's IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is not new to schools. While a decade ago it may not have been that commonplace to use computers as teaching tools, today that’s not the case. Schools have an enormously wide range of different technology to help optimise learning these days, from innovative software through to smart phones and tablets, as well as interactive flat panel displays and the PC. It can feel like a vast sea of tech to navigate – so how do you refine your school’s IT infrastructure to make it purely fit for purpose?

What access control is best suited to your security requirements?

Access control makes a lot of sense for any business. Increasingly, we live in an era where there are rising numbers of threats and heightened accountability makes every business responsible for its vulnerabilities. With a comprehensive access control system in place it’s possible to better manage the risks of security to your business and to ensure that you can trace back any issues that do arise.

Smart board interactive

4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace

Touchscreen technology is something that is emerging in many different workplace settings worldwide, throughout multiple sectors. So far, it is shown to have had a strong effect on worker productivity, creating a positive impact overall. Despite the fact that touchscreen technology is often seen as a novelty, it actually has a genuine impact on the way that we work. Here are 4 reasons that touchscreen technology is transforming the workplace: