4 factors to think about when planning your office cabling

The infrastructure that underpins your IT is as crucial to its performance as any of the technology that you invest in. That infrastructure – namely the cabling – is essential to ensuring that business IT functions effectively and yet often very little attention is paid to cabling planning. There can be some serious downsides to this, including impacting on the performance of your business IT. So, what do you really need to think about when planning your office cabling?

How is technology impacting the future of education and learning in the UK?

Technology has had a widespread impact across almost every sector and the education sector is as much affected as any other. While some of the drivers for change in teaching and learning remain the same as they have for decades, the way that we consume and interact with educational content has changed forever thanks to technology. From accessibility to flexibility, the future of education and learning is a completely different landscape thanks to the impact of technology.

How has the cloud transformed telecoms for business use?

Telecoms is one industry that has been completely shaken up by the arrival of cloud technology. A decade ago telecoms were entirely on-premise but today a huge percentage of projects and processes are now cloud based. So enthusiastic has the take up of cloud telecoms been for business use that some experts have predicted the term ‘cloud technology’ won’t even be in use by 2025. Instead, cloud technology will be the telecoms technology standard – the norm.