How to ensure your data cabling installation is a success

Data cabling may seem like a minor component in overall IT infrastructure but it actually underpins everything. An installation involves drilling holes, running hundreds of feet of cable and also integrating this with other parts of the building, such as pipes and existing cables. So, what can you do to ensure that the process of data cabling installation is a success?

Can technology in schools aid learning?

A recent study by non-profit trade association IT Trade Association CompTIA found that 75% of educators felt that technology was having a positive impact on the overall process of learning. Technology in schools has certainly become a permanent fixture. Today, we are as likely to see computers, smart boards and tablets in the classroom as in any office environment. But can technology in schools really aid learning and how does it work?


What questions should you be asking when buying new company laptops?

Like any business expense, new company laptops are a purchase that needs to be thoroughly thought through. IT hardware can eat up a significant proportion of a business budget and so it’s important to ensure that you get a return on that investment. From hitting the right price point, to ensuring suitability to the job, there is a lot to consider in purchasing new laptops for the business. So, here are a few of the key questions that you’ll need to consider.